Every headache, frustration, bottleneck, and pain in the backside that you experience in your practice, can be traced back to a deficiency of assets.

Your assets might take the form of:

  • Physical assets (equipment, chairs, instruments etc.)
  • Goodwill assets (reputation, patient base, brand awareness)
  • Intellectual property (sales processes, blogs, your branding)
  • HR assets (your wonderful team!)


You can see how a deficiency or mis-management of any of the above would be a huge issue for you and your dental practice.

If you haven’t got the right assets developed, then you’ll notice it creates a sort of domino effect.

If you are not good at training people and your team members aren’t doing their job well, then you haven’t got the training assets in place.

If you’re not getting enough patient flow, then you don’t have the marketing assets in place.

If your cases aren’t being accepted, then you don’t have the sales assets in place.

If you’re not making enough money, then you don’t have the cash flow generation assets in place.

You get the gist, right?

Your job as a dental practice owner is ultimately to turn these assets into cash flow. If cash flow is oxygen for your business, then assets are what produce that oxygen.

I have a handy phrase I like to use, where I refer to it as “squeezing the juice out of the fruit.”

Your assets are a big juicy lemon, and you want to squeeze every last drop of cash out that you can.

However, I find that a lot of dental practice owners aren’t properly taught how to turn their practice’s assets into cash flow.

We spend years in school honing our clinical skills, learning to become a great dentist. Then they set us free into the world without teaching us much about running a successful dental practice.

If you want your practice to grow and scale into a thriving muti-seven figure business, then you need to be more effective at turning assets into cash flow.

I’ve been lucky enough to work with hundreds of dental practice owners across the country, and help them:

  1. Build assets for their business
  2. Fine-tune their assets and get them up and running in the practice
  3. Convert their assets into cash flow on autopilot


If you want to learn how to turn your practice’s assets into cash flow, then I urge you to go ahead and book a FREE 1:1 Savvy Strategy call with me.

We can hop on a call and take a look at what you’ve got in place now, your vision for your practice, and how I can help you make that a reality.

And yes, I’ll help you turn your assets into cash flow.

Once you’ve got that free cash flow, then you can choose whether you pay yourself a dividend, reduce debt, or indeed rinse and repeat the cycle and build more assets, and go from there.

But it all starts with booking your Savvy Strategy call with me – so be sure to go ahead and get that locked in now.