My time with Sir Richard Branson on his private island gave me a lot to think about, especially when it comes to what works in business and what doesn’t. Branson is clearly a great businessman who runs hundreds of successful businesses. And spending time with him was an honour and a privilege.

Equally important was the time I spent with the other business owners also attending.

Drawing on my experience at Necker and business more broadly, in this episode, I share with you some key points for running a successful business including:

  • How to become a better business owner (no one is a “natural”)
  • What training secrets from sports teams business owners should steal
  • Why focusing on Critical Drivers is more valuable than KPIs or revenue
  • Tips on creating a great team culture
  • A handy performance/culture matrix to plot your staff along

For Savvy Dentist listeners, I’m extending an invitation to attend my 2 day team training workshop, ‘Be Impressive on Purpose: the Aligned Team’

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