Steven Bradbury is Australia’s first ever Winter Olympics gold medalist. What is less known is his backstory, the hardships, the set-backs and the resilience it took to get there.

Steven Bradbury has presented at over 800 conferences and events in 15 countries. He loves the adrenalin before going onstage and loves that his strategies for success in business and in life are able to inspire and help people.

In this episode, Steven unpacks what it took to get to the Olympics and win gold despite setbacks.

In this episode we chat about:

  • 5:07 The value of surrounding ourselves with those more knowledgeable and experienced.
  • 10:48 Setting goals and planning to be successful
  • 14:30 Overcoming setbacks
  • 22:47 Adapting to changing circumstances
  • 27:16 Success is about focusing on process over goal
  • 32:00 Strategising around your limitations
  • 35:35 The value of a coach with a different approach
  • 37:46 Having a team around you
  • And more

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Steven Bradbury