We just can’t wait to go back to business, can we? But will we ever be able to go back to doing business the same way we have always been doing? Chances are not really! This pandemic has been a game-changer for every aspect of our lives. We’d be a little more careful hanging out in public for a very long time. Someone coughing would make us take a few steps back instantly, and that is alright!

Similarly, if you plan on just ‘resuming work from where you left off’ then you might experience some setbacks.

Fact is, Covid-19 has given us a new perception to life and to business. Rather than going back to business, you need to learn how to EVOLVE your business post-pandemic. Here is everything that has been changing rapidly during this corona crisis.


The Reset Button

Most businesses have had to set the reset button. Some of us have simply gone into hibernation while others, after episodes of panic, have come to terms with the reality and are just waiting for things to ‘get back to normal.’ But many of us are starting afresh. We all have come to reevaluate our priorities and get a bird’s eye view of the situation. While only weeks ago we did not have the time to determine a direction for our business, we are now doing thorough evaluations of where we are right now and where exactly we are headed.

Sure, it seems absolutely catastrophic right now, but it has given us the time to take a breather and gain perspective.


Become Innovative

One major trend that we have witnessed from all walks of life and every corner in the world is the spirit of innovation. Whether it is in how we communicate with teams, how we get the work done, how we do business, how we market our products or reach out to our customers, there has been an insurgence of innovation in every aspect; and impressively so. We are learning newer methods to evolve and integrate our business according to the current situation. Where working remotely almost seemed impossible for many businesses, now it is instrumental in keeping the wheels moving by finding solutions to problems they had never imagined!


Become Compassionate

The pandemic has made many of us more compassionate; more patient and willing to put others comfort before our own. From supporting small businesses to lending help wherever needed, Covid-19 has made us gentler and more aware of others. And this is something that will become a trend for marketing moving forward. The time we have spent reviewing and reflecting has made us aware of our shortcomings and the needs of others. From a business perspective, your patients would be going through similar emotional experiences – thoughts and deliberations, which means you’d need to provide more value and more meaning to the services that you provide.


The True Definition of Scaling

I talk compassionately about the need for scaling in businesses. I believe it is inevitable and the sign of a sound business. However, my definition is often misinterpreted as running a race to growing bigger and bigger every passing day. But that’s far from my definition of scaling. For me, the term represents creating a life that you desire. If what you desire is growing bigger and bigger with each passing day then by all means this is exactly what scaling should mean to you.

But if your goal is to lead a simple life where the necessities of life are provided and you are able to spend more time with family, then creating a business structure that supports those goals is what scaling should mean to you.

Never would there be a better time to create the definition of success for yourself and to build a plan to scale your business accordingly.


Contentment and Fulfillment

One thing that this pandemic can teach us is the importance of contentment, that less can be more if we’d just let it be. There will be a big switch from standard expectations or pathways for dental practices to grow from one to two and from two to four but rather we would comfortably co-exist with different ideas and visions of success. Fulfillment and success would finally learn to go hand in hand.

When it comes to trends in businesses post this pandemic, the idea is to move forward rather than going back. You will need to re-engineer and reorganise your priorities, your business, and most importantly, your idea of success in order to emerge from this crisis victoriously.


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