Payroll is one of those things dental practice owners have to deal with. But there are common traps that small business owners can fall into and the consequences can be very expensive. That’s why on today’s episode, I’m speaking with payroll expert Tracy Angwin.

Tracy Angwin, is a solutions expert, media commentator and keynote speaker. She is the driving force behind Australian Payroll Association.  Tracy is also the bestselling author of ‘The Payroll Revolution’ and ‘Profit from Payroll’.

A self-described ‘corporate escapee with an obsession for improving payroll compliance and efficiency’, Tracy is a big picture industry innovator on multiple fronts.

In this episode we chat about:

  • Common mistakes dental practice owners make when paying wages
  • How to understand Enterprise Agreements and Modern Awards
  • Obscure issues in the payroll that trip small business owners up
  • How to find a payroll expert to assist you
  • Why you should ditch any paper-based payroll processes NOW

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