How would you describe your team?

Are they productive, focused and efficient?

Or is it a challenge to keep them on track and working together towards your goals?

You need an elite team in order to meet your goals. You need a committed group of people you can rely on.

But it’s hard work keeping everyone on the same page.

It’s challenging and difficult to keep a group of people determined and dedicated. Not to mention keeping them motivated.

It’s easy to get despondent.

Quarterly planning or team retreats seem useful at the time, but somehow the focus and energy slip away soon after. It’s like fairy floss – it seems so tantalising but quickly melts into a sticky mess.

If only you could maintain that enthusiasm and passion.

Some teams seem to do it, so what’s the trick?

How to Increase Team Productivity

Well, I believe the trick is to start the day right, each and every day. And that means starting the working day with a morning huddle.

It’s a simple tool that I use to increase team productivity. Substantially.

Yes, it’s a meeting, but not like any meeting you’ve ever had before. It’s a short, intense, daily meeting that cuts past distractions, aligns everyone on your goals and inspires every team member.

Here’s everything you need to know about how to run an effective morning huddle.