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In this two part series, I’m focusing on sharing with you how practice owners can transition from an operator style practice to true business ownership. So you can create more time and more freedom and become unshackled from your business. This episode focuses on tips to get your team to self-manage, attracting A-grade players and more.

In this episode, I discuss:

  • 01:55: Review of the 4 types of practices
  • 04:45: Transitioning to true business ownership and the leverage line
  • 06:47: How to make sure you don’t burn out and run your practice down
  • 08:34: Tips for getting your team to be a self managing team
  • 17:26: How to find A-grade players and attract them to your practice
  • 24:37: Process for managing people to retain A-grade players
  • 29:30: How to create your strategic plan
  • 34:09: How to execute on your plans consistently

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