My very interesting and delightful guest today, Dr Sonia Yadav, is well-known in the dental profession throughout Australia. She has so much passion and enthusiasm for her life and business. I am so excited to share our conversation with you.

Dr Sonia is going to share her journey with us from the moment she stepped into the country not knowing the language to becoming an owner of multiple practices here in Australia. She has gone through so much but what is great is that she has picked up heaps of life lessons that are relevant to life and business.


In this episode we discuss:

  • [02:30] The interesting story behind her name, Sonia Sonia.
  • [04:27] Her struggle of flying to Australia from India without knowing the language.
  • [06:19] Being a dentist in India before coming to Australia.
  • [06:50] The reason why migrants are driven to succeed.
  • [09:19] Handling things in her life with grace.
  • [12:05] The importance of asking for support.
  • [14:58] Sonia shares her own definition of beauty.
  • [18:30] Mental transformations she has gone through.
  • [21:35] Lessons and takeaways from working hard.
  • [23:39] Going from single to multiple practices.
  • [27:05] The difference between being a leader and a boss.
  • [31:00] Lessons she learned from the mistakes she made.
  • [34:31] Rethinking decisions she made in the past.
  • [38:38] Learning from the outside world and implementing it into dentistry.
  • [40:05] What drew her into flying.
  • [42:57] Two key takeaways from Sonia.


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