In this episode of the Savvy Dentist podcast, I have an interesting and incredibly stimulating conversation with Fred Schebesta of Fred started coding and building websites at a young age and managed to build a digital marketing agency that he sold to a publicly listed company. His skills has led him to build a new website called

Our conversation revolves around where he started and how he succeeded in growing his million dollar business. He’s been featured in the AFR Young Rich List. Now he’s involved in the world of open banking democratising banking, changing the way we do things. A true disruptor and true innovator he is.


In this episode we discuss:

  • [02:27] What sparked his entrepreneurial journey.
  • [04:30] Scaling before selling his business.
  • [06:08] Are agencies or personal services businesses really scalable?
  • [09:03] The reason behind starting his business,
  • [11:30] Their experience in going to Google “jail.”
  • [12:58] Future of the application of data.
  • [16:44] Customising the use of data for better user and customer experience.
  • [20:50] Exploring and taking his skillset into open banking.
  • [21:45] Fred shares his decision making matrix around opportunity identification.
  • [23:53] Dealing and managing with fear.
  • [24:29] The pressure that comes with receiving the AFR Young Rich List.
  • [27:21] Artistry and science in business.
  • [29:21] Fred talks about the relationship of scarcity and abundance in business and how to remain abundant.


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