In this episode of the Savvy Dentist podcast, I have a very interesting conversation with Eric Hunley of the Unstructured podcast. Eric is a long time podcaster with over 250+ episodes and a growing YouTube channel.

Our chat revolves around the topic of communication which is super important for anyone who owns a business, including dentists. We also talk about the art of listening, vulnerability and rapport. He generously shares many skills & practical tools to enhance your communication skills through effective listening. You will definitely pick up heaps of gold from Eric.


In this episode we discuss:

  • [03:29] What led Eric into podcasting.
  • [10:34] The thing that fascinates him about different people.
  • [12:31] Things he learned and improved about himself as a podcaster.
  • [13:57] Particular practices that have made it easy for him to hone the skill of podcasting.
  • [17:40] Elements that he’s observed in his interviews.
  • [19:58] Tools and tactics you can use to build rapport and improve communication skills.
  • [24:08] What drove him to running marathons.
  • [29:54] His feelings about running.
  • [32:28] Experiencing something similar to a “runner’s high” in the work that he does.
  • [34:27] Role of vulnerability in his work and life.
  • [37:23] Picking up important things in conversations with people.
  • [41:38] Learning the skill of interaction and communication.
  • [43:33] His experience in bullying and the impact it has had on him.
  • [51:49] Words of wisdom from Eric.


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