In this super fun episode of the Savvy Dentist Podcast, I invited my good friend Geoff Hall. Geoff is the founder of Ortho Ed, an Orthodontic Education Program. He has 27 years and over 10,000 cases of orthodontic experience.

Geoff shares his vast experience in dentistry, learning to spot opportunities, and recovering from ideas that don’t work. He also talks to us about life lessons, wisdom and actionable ideas that we can implement in our practice today that will eventually give us great results. He inspires us to think outside the box and never give up. For anyone with an entrepreneurial dream, you’ll definitely want to listen to this conversation with Geoff.


In this episode we discuss:

  • [02:46] How he’s seeing things in the current COVID pandemic.
  • [03:36] Learning how to spot opportunities.
  • [05:30] Commoditisation in dentistry.
  • [07:40] Where the view of being high volume low fee comes from.
  • [10:39] Knowing your unique selling value proposition.
  • [12:28] Reason behind people not charging different fee schedules in their practice.
  • [14:03] Why you shouldn’t have a fixed mindset.
  • [15:25] Charges that dentists make for their services
  • [17:18] Experiences that have shaped Geoff’s thinking and allowed him to look outside the box.
  • [22:54] Finding the gift in COVID.
  • [26:09] Opportunities in aesthetics.
  • [29:20] Why you should never gie up.
  • [31:22] Improving and adapting ideas.
  • [32:29] Learning to think big from Americans.
  • [33:21] Encouraging “thinking bigger” and bringing it into dentistry.
  • [35:53] Exploring opportunities to learn and meet new people.
  • [38:05] Trying to experience things outside dentistry.

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