Elliot Epstein is recognised both in Australia and globally as a renowned sales expert having coached over 7000 people to sell, present and negotiate to win more business.

Elliot is the author of the #1 Amazon best selling book ‘Confessions of a Pitch Consultant’ and co-author of the negotiation book ’Sales Versus Procurement’. His popular podcast ‘Selling in a Time of Corona’ contains his trademark style of candor, humor and down to earth advice.


In this episode we discuss:

  • [4:46] –  In the dental industry we’ve created our own term for ‘sales’ … case acceptance. What is the link between sales, persuasion, negotiation and what is going on in the psychology of a patients mind?
  • [7:27] – If you want to be ‘in business’, then sales revenue generation is going to be a key part to master. Where do most of us go wrong and where is the behavior gap?
  • [11:36] – As a health care practitioner, we often have conflict when it comes to sales and revenue generation. How do we be empathetic while persuading and keeping the ethics that drove us to be a dentist in the first place? 
  • [15:56] – What can be the benefit of slowing down and giving each patient just a little bit more time.
  • [22:46] – How to recommend a treatment, without sounding, or more importantly, feeling like a pushy salesperson.
  • [27:36] – Some powerful questions you can ask to understand any reluctance a client may have to proceed with a recommended treatment.
  • [37:56] – Has these COVID times changed how clients spend their money when it comes to oral health?
  • [41:04] – We became dentists because we are passionate to ‘help’ people … however letting go of the outcome or the decision a patient makes can be hugely rewarding.
  • [44:55] – Some top tips that can help you change how you negotiate, persuade and generate revenue.

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