Growing a dental practice can be as overwhelming as getting dumped in the surf. It can seem like a swirling mass of priorities. It can be hard just to work out which way is up. And it’s easy to get sucked into what other people are doing and wonder if you should take the same actions. It’s normal to feel overwhelmed wherever you are in the process. It makes sense that so many dental professionals turn to dental coaching for outside support.


What Is Dental Coaching?


Dental coaching is the process that helps dentists reach their maximum potential as a professional so they can improve their practice.


Dental coaching helps dentists focus their attention on areas of their practice that will have the most impact, find growth opportunities, and develop a roadmap to reach their goals. You can expect personal growth, business development, and a streamlined practice during this process.


In this process, you will understand that much more goes into starting and growing a successful dental practice. Dental coaches know (and here’s something you might not know) that all practices go through the same stages of growth.


How is that helpful?


Well, each stage has certain characteristics. And each stage has priorities that you should focus on to achieve growth and stability.


5 Stages of Dental Practice Growth


It doesn’t matter where you are in your journey, dental coaching helps scale and grow a dental business for any dental practice owner.


However, if you know which stage of practice growth you’re at you can easily gain clarity. You and your dental coach can understand better the priorities for that stage and propel your business forward.


For example, dentists in the start-up phase usually spend an extraordinary amount of time doing everything.


As they get their dental practice management, marketing and systems in place, they take a step back.


Let’s take a look at the five stages of dental practice growth so you can work out where you are, and where you should focus your energy.


We’re going to look at the stages of dental practice growth through income, in particular, EBITDA, which stands for Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortisation.


Overcome Challenges Through Dental Coaching


Now you know where you’re at on your journey to grow your business.


You can kick confusion to the curb because you have clarity. You know your priorities, and how to get to the next stage of business.


You know whether your business is practising to its full potential. Knowledge is power, so harness this newfound knowledge.


Take charge of your business and your destiny.


What’s that you say? “It’s not that easy!”


You’re right. It’s not easy at all.


There are several challenges to overcome while trying to grow your dental practice. Although you are enthusiastic, passionate, and confident about dentistry, you have doubts about your ability to manage and run a practice. Knowing the theory and putting it into practice are two different things.


Meanwhile, you want to maximise your potential, improve your performance, and earn more money. These are the exact and right reasons why you should seek out dental coaching.


As mentioned above, it doesn’t matter if you are further in your career, established as a dentist, or looking to start your first practice. Dental coaching can help you grow your career, scale your practice, or even start a new one.


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You have the power to change your business and your life. Use it wisely.