In the second episode of the Summer, learn how you can stand out, scale up, deal with failures and become a successful Dentalpreneur. It’s not enough to just be a dentist and let the business run itself. We need to put in time and effort to plan our way to success. Let’s hear from the best of the best in Business Intelligence so that we can apply the lessons in our own dental practice.


In this episode we discuss:

  • [02:19] Episode 331 – Pete Williams: Working on the 7 levers in business growth to double your profits at a faster pace.
  • [11:39] Episode 301 – Steve Anderson: Learn how Amazon’s Jeff Bezos makes decisions with incomplete information, manages risks, and turns failures into successes.
  • [17:48] Episode 189 – Babette Bensoussan: Increasing your competitive intelligence to gather and analyze information and achieve the business objectives you have for your dental practice.
  • [20:25] Episode 71 – Aynsley Damery: The critical mistake of failing to plan for your business and learning the fundamental elements of how to plan successfully.
  • [27:27] Episode 64 – Dr. Mark Costes: Learn the basic skills and traits to be a Dentalpreneur and become the CEO of your practice.
  • [34:09] Episode 47 – Verne Harnish: Make your business scale up and earn more by focusing on 4 critical things in your practice.


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