No man is an island, and so is any business. In episode 4 of our Summer Series, we’re going to talk about how you can build a self-managing team, decrease toxicity in the workplace, and create a positive culture in your practice to be able to scale and grow it.


In this episode we discuss:

  • [03:42] Episode 336 – Dr Jesse Green: Tips on how to align, articulate, and communicate your practice values to your team to create a winning team culture.
  • [13:28] Episode 324 – Kiera Dent: Learn how you can create an incredible, trustworthy and loyal team who share the same goals and growth for your business.
  • [21:42] Episode 311 – Peter Economy: Understanding and identifying toxicity, its impact and how you can reverse it to create a collaborative environment in the workplace.
  • [30:03] Episode 306 – Tristan White: Practical tips and tricks on creating a positive culture in your practice as a leader.
  • [34:31] Episode 298 – Mamie Kanfer Stewart – The importance of encouraging your employees to share their thoughts and ideas in meetings and showing them your respect for their opinions as a leader.
  • [41:48] Episode 256 – Dr. Jesse Green: How performance and retention is impacted by the 5 lenses of culture creation.


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