In today’s Summer Series episode, let me take you back to some of the best interviews we’ve had about smart marketing. Marketing plays a major part in dental practice, unfortunately, it is not taught in school. Marketing helps dentists widen their network, attract new patients, and maintain their loyalty. It is also through marketing that dentists can ride the trends such as automation and digital marketing. Get some ideas to take your dental practice further through this episode!


In this episode we discuss:

  • [02:25] Episode 318 – Angus Pryor: Understanding how to connect successfully with your clients through different marketing touchpoints.
  • [07:09] Episode 332 – Robert Webster from Lana: Nurturing clients through marketing automation while maintaining personalisation in your communication.
  • [11:12] Episode 271 – Will Arana: How to generate and nurture leads by blending traditional and digital marketing.
  • [16:04] Episode 199 – Sue Rice: Humanise your marketing by knowing and understanding your clients.
  • [18:27] Episode 194 – Josh Rimmington: Key metrics to search and aim for to achieve ROI in your practice.
  • [23:40] Episode 124 – Allan Dib: Marketing strategy versus tactics.
  • [26:26] Episode 163 – Penny Burke: 3 laws of marketing to leverage your position.
  • [29:00] Episode 166 – Brent Hodgson: knowing your patients on a deeper level to service your clients better.


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